I am Edward Bowden (known as beatles1 on the internet) and this is my website. I am a student from the UK who likes computers and the web. I was home educated for several years and spent the time teaching myself to code.

I have worked in various places doing a whole range of computer based things. I currently work at Sentinel Systems and hold a place to read Computer Science at Reading university in 2015.

In my spare time I write random bits of code that usually do quite silly things. Some of these silly things include The Button, Alonebook, Dave and The Davidsons and A Joke. A few years ago (quite a few now) I wrote quite a few Google Chrome browser Extensions but I believe because of a manifest version update they no longer install. I attempt Photography sometimes but that's hardly unique to me.

If you feel the need to find me elsewhere on the internet you can do so in several places. @ejbowen on Twitter is a good place to start if you want to just send me a quick message. Reddit is a good place if you want to stalk me lots. You can always Email me if you have more to say and there are various sites like Tumblr and YouTube that I never update any more. My LinkedIn is a good place to head if you want to connect professionally. If you really need to speak to me in person though then search around Gloucestershire a bit and maybe you will be lucky.