I am Edward Bowden (known as beatles1 on the internet) and this is my website. I am a student from the UK who likes computers and the web. I was home educated for several years and spent the time teaching myself to code.

I have done small amounts of work for people including web development and tech support. I am currently at College (the UK type) studying ICT and work at Sentinel Systems doing various IT related things.

In my spare time I write random bits of code for the web and various games. I make silly things like The Button, The Shower Leaderboard, Alonebook, Dave and The Davidsons and A Joke sometimes. A few years ago I wrote quite a few Google Chrome browser Extensions but I believe because of a manifest version update they no longer install. I attempt Photography sometimes but that's hardly unique to me. You can see an example of this on the background of this page.

If you feel the need to find me elsewhere on the internet you can do so in several places. @ejbowen on Twitter is a good place to start if you want to just send me a quick message. Reddit is a good place if you want to stalk me lots. You can always Email me if you have more to say and there are various sites like Tumblr and YouTube that I never update any more. My LinkedIn is a good place to head if you want to connect professionally. If you really need to speak to me in person though then search around Gloucestershire a bit and maybe you will be lucky.